Our Stars


Every year, SCRABBLE® WITH THE STARS gets bigger and better, and that’s mainly because the stars have such a great time, they want to come back – and they tell all their friends.

Here’s who signed up to dine and play with our guests so far:

Steve Anthony
Micah Barnes
Ted Barris
Jaymz Bee
Alana Bridgewater
Gavin Crawford
Sean Cullen
Jennifer Dale
Jill Dempsey
Mary Lou Fallis
Don Ferguson
Barry Flatman
David Fox
Alan Frew
David Gale
Robert Godin
Sharon Hampson
Marilyn Lightstone
Fern Lindzon
Joe Matheson
Sheila McCarthy
Deb McGrath
Elicia McKenzie
Billy Merasty
Joe Mimran
Colin Mochrie
Charlotte Moore
Bram Morrison
Elaine Overholt
Dini Petty
Louise Pitre
Avery Saltzman
David Sparrow
Michael Therriault
RH Thomson
Theresa Tova
David Warrack
Jonathan Watton
Ken Wickes

… with more stars to be confirmed soon.


Have a look at some of the Tweeting that’s been going on:

Alan Frew: “fun night last night at Scrabble with Stars. Thrilled to win “Top Celeb Score” thanks all great night great cause”

Naomi Snieckus: “I was proud of “Engine” but “Zep” got me more points.”

Matt Baram: “It takes me like 40 minutes to form a word. You’ve been warned.”

Michael Murphy: “I have been vigorously studying the Oxford dictionary in preparation. Very excited!”

Tom Harrington: “Oh yeah? I’ve got a word that won’t fit into a single tweet! See you Monday…if you dare.”

Colin Mochrie : “An abecedarian is a person learning the alphabet. Watch out Scrabble With The Stars!”

Debra McGrath: “words are flying already! Competition is gonna be fierce this year!”

Dini Petty: “can’t wait to mix it up with you at Scrabble with the Stars on Monday!”





Matt Baram Jaymz Bee Alana Bridgewater  Gavin Crawford ★ Sean Cullen  Jennifer Dale Jill Dempsey Arlene Duncan Rosemary Dunsmore Jayne Eastwood Barry Flatman Alan Frew Don Ferguson David Gale  Sharon Hampson Tom Harrington Don Harron  Ron James ★ Marilyn Lightstone  Carole MacNeil ★ Deb McGrath Rick Miller Charlotte Moore Bram Morrison Michael Murphy  Gordon Pinsent ★ Leah Pinsent ★ Jackie Richardson ★ Sandi Ross Avery Saltzman Ingrid Schumaker Naomi Snieckus  Paul Soles ★ Diana Swain 
Teresa Tova  David Warrack